Atelier of Well-being

Tina Janezic

Tina Janežič

The course is a combination of movement exercises derived from martial arts, contemporary dance, Pilates and Yoga. The objective of the course proposed is achieving a harmonization and re-balance of the body and mind as a distress of a harsh of an everyday’s life.
As a professional dancer, actress and a teacher I undergo various trainings, including various techniques of movement and relaxation that includes preparing oneself for a work.
In 1 hour course I propose an active warm-up including streaching, soft aerobic
work-out and breathing exercises.
Warm-up is followed by training the resistance and strength.
The course is prolonged for all of those who need a relaxation and re-filling the energy. In additional 30 minutes I’m leading you through the Stanislavsky's method of relaxation, that's used to prepare an actor to be fully available for a work.

For a course it's recommended to bring a mat (or carpet/towel) to put on the floor and comfortable clothes. You can choose to work with sport's shoes or bare feet.
Atelier is taking place every Tuesday from 18.30 to 19.30
(or until 20h for additional relaxation).

Address:Salle Dublin (Tango bar), Rue de Dublin 13,
metro Porte de Namur or Trone
Price: 9 euro/for 1 visit in 32 euro/monthly (4x)

See you soon,
Tina Janežič

Contact    : 0486 346033

Accueil - Salle de fêtes - Salle Dublin
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